Monday, February 16, 2009

A first decent cash of 2009

Well its been a very long timing coming, but on Saturday night I actually made a decent cash!

Admittedly I do not play the bigger games that I used to, but I can finally remember what is like to win some money.

I played in the Littlewoods $20k on Saturday, I still am not a fan of the software and I hate playing without antes, but the overlay is great and at $50 its affordable.
I finished 4th for $1.4k, a little dissapointed that my 88 went out to A4 with an Ace on the turn, but considering with 65 left I had 1900 chips left and just put 1200 in the Big Blind, I was more than happy (everyone folded!).

I would post the hand histories of a few hands, but I can't work out whether they get recorded anyway on the software.
I need to dig out my old Poker-Spy software!

Hopefully I can now start playing with a bit more belief and can't start to make some inroads into building a bankroll again.
Everything I had is going towards a new house and unfortunately without my expected Caribbean money it been a real grind!

Before September of last year, my average profit for a month, since I started in August 2005 was £2920.
My profit in the last six months is less than my previous average for a month!
Not very good when it is your only source of income at present.

A quick Hello to Mr AlexB, thanks for your note, I look forward to catching up with you soon sir!

I have been keeping an eye on all the networks of late and following Poker Rooms increase the guarantees in 2 events, Party Poker have gone further and increase 5 guarantees.

7pm $7500 to $10000
8pm $25000 to $30000
9pm $18000 to $20000
10pm $10000 to $12000
11pm $6000 to $7000

What is also good is that have kept the buy ins the same.

The value in the marketplace remains on littlewoods with 8 of their guarantees in the top 11, all averaging over 13% overlay.
Betfair have now become the number 2 site for overlays with 5 of their guarantees averaging over the 13% overlay mark.

Of the 225 I keep track of, 42 are showing overlays over the last couple of weeks.

I think the cryptologic software will be worth keeping an eye on over the next couple of weeks as they draw to a close. Their are usually very good at keeping track of overlays, but with people and skins migrating elsewhere, they may well be some value.

I am also hoping to confirm the next Poccer event to be the 28th March, I should get the go ahead this week, further details to follow.


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PaulBL said...

Great to have you back! I will be checking in on a regular basis to see your wins. Gl mate