Thursday, February 05, 2009

2009 Update

Well February is here already.

So whats been happening, not a lot on the poker front I have to say.
I have played a few games with limited success, but my heart has still not been in it.

I was however delighted to see the WSOP schedule released, I just love Las Vegas and I now have a challenge to earn myself enough to get there again this year.

Most of my time at the moment has been taken up sorting out buying myself a house and just getting everything back on line!

I have treated myself to a brand new laptop though, which I hope will give me the inspiration to play a bit more.

I am playing the APAT (Amateur Poker Association & Tour) UK Poker Championship this weekend at the Grovesnor in Walsall, to try and rediscover the poker bug.

I am trying to get a second season of Poccer going and will hopefully have some news on that very soon.

As for the question everyone keeps asking me, no I have not yet received the money from Dave Lloyd.

It was all loooking promising, but I have not heard from him for a month. I could really do with it one to ensure I have a bankroll to play and two just to give me the confidence that all us poker players are true to their word.

I do however have something to offer anyone who reads this blog.
Over the last 2 weeks I have been evaluating every tournament there is, mainly as cryptologic closes at the end of the month, but also to see where the best value is.

I have a long list of tournaments to see which ones have the biggest overlays and therefore arguably the best value.

At present the top 3 can all be found on Littlewoods/Pacific network

1) Avg 18% overlay - 8.35pm $20,000 GTD ($55 entry)
2) Avg 17% overlay - 8pm $2,500 GTD ($22 entry)
3) Avg 15% overlay - 10.30pm $3,000 GTD ($22 entry)

This is where you will find me whilst I am playing at the moment.
I play under the old name ClintonO here.

I am also using up my last few pennies on my crypto account on Inter, where I could not get the ClintonO name, so I play under the name Shamu.

I hope the poker gods are being kind to you


Anonymous said...

i find it disgusting that he hasnt paid. does he not understand what it means to him in the future?

i hope cpc is on again this year and he shows up!


AlexB said...

Good to see you back m8, hope you're keeping well.