Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Life is just too busy!

I have totally neglected my blog of late and I do apologise for that.

I will be updating a little more frequently shortly, as my trip to Vegas is almost here! Hoorah!

I do have a number of things to update everyone on, but the first thing I have to do, is talk about the Poccer Players.

I am sure most of you are aware of the Dream Team competition, a competition that is run by BadBeat and hosted by Betfair. It is currently in its 3rd season.

Season 1 I was asked to join a team by Andy Reynolds, who is not only a fantastic poker player, but a great guy to. It was this team that enabled me to meet a number of my close poker friends.

That year we came 11th in the table, but at the live event managed to turn it around and win. Asian Poker Tour packages were given to a number of the team and cash for the rest. I could not make it due to work commitments and the small fact that I was already going to the Caribbean Poker Classic a week later.

In Season 2, I took over as team captain, we did even worse in the online events, but managed to fight our way back to 2nd overall thanks to the live event.

This season it is a much bigger event, with 6 WSOPE packages up for grabs and 33 weeks of online play.
At present we have played 25 events and are clear at the top of the leaderboard, making those WSOPE packages looking very interesting indeed.

Alongside the EPT Monte Carlo (which I will use my outstanding EPT package to attend next year) and the Aussie Millions, this is the other tournament that I wish to play in at some point in my poker life.
This is the current league table. (Sorry its small I have forgotten how to load it properly!)

You will need to click into it, to view it properly.
Basically it says we are long way clear
The Poccer Players 25,566 chips each
Puppy-Petters 17497
Dynamic Demps 15988
Chipendales 15248
Pokerchamps 14362
So far it has been an unbelievable performance by the team and I would like to pay tribute to each in turn.
Presently we have got 141,395 points.
These have been earnt as follows.
Onny87 - 40270
M.M - 19420
50kinred - 18500
ClintonO - 17400
Injustice - 15940
Whitedog - 15935
UriGeller - 8720
elvushi - 5210
Over the next couple of days, I would like everyone to get to know the Poccer players and what they have achieved so far!

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