Sunday, June 22, 2008

The POCCER PLAYERS #7 Lee Hayward

Lee is the newest member of the Poccer Players. Lee is shown here checking his chip stack (3rd in the top row) at a recent Poccer event, as captain of the Bullens Bullets.
Lee only discovered Poker last year and so is learning his trade.
On the live scene, Lee has limited experience to date, although has performed exceptionally well at recent Poccer events, with two Final Tables under his belt. Online is where most of his experience has come from to date. A 3rd place in one of the Golden Cup events on Littlewoods, is his best cash to date.
Last week a deep finish in the PokerRoom ChampionChip event confirmed his talent and we hope for more big wins to come.
Lee adds a real sense of stability to the team and has the 2nd most point scoring weeks with 14. We just need to convert his deep finishes to final tables, adding a decent 8,720 points to the team to date.

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