Sunday, April 27, 2008

ClintonO on tour

I discovered an internet site recently entitled This site keeps a record of all the major tournies that are held online.

For the crypto network its only includes the $20k and up until the two weeks ago it did not include the tournament held on Saturdays (1 of my wins this year!)

At the moment this is the standings for just the crypto network.

1Mhumph82 505
2WestPark 458
3DontPanic 438
4Chriss005 374
5Bigd11108 359
6Marie1965 359
7Luckylud 353
8Green 345
9pu-sdaeh 342
10Andflex 323
11rxiav 307
12JockScott 306
13logitech 297
14Goose. 286
16Niilex2 278
17The_Gimp 274
18Spongebob 269
19Ste221261 269
20FRENCH007 262
21Loverat 261
22__mac__ 249
23ClareT 241
24ClintonO 231
25Jaypee 231

They are running two leaderboards, one for the US and one for non US.

Now whilst it is too late to try and compete for this title I thought I would try my hand at a few of the tournies that counted towards the points.

To date I have played and cashed on Full Tilt, Pacific Poker and Party Poker.

Full Tilt $40k Guaranteed - 21st/332 $273.90
Pacific Poker $80k Guaranteed - 4th/539 $5,200
Party Poker Super Friday - 6th/318 $3,180.

I will from time to time continue to play in these different tournaments to see what I can achieve.
At the moment with Vegas already booked, the Caribbean Cruise won and an EPT tournament to book in, my options for my live games are incredibly limited, so I have to concentrate on winning some of the big cash prizes in the bigger games.

I will keep you informed of any progress I make in this leaderboard, but right now I am 309th in the International leaderboard. Top 100 is my target.


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