Saturday, February 02, 2008

January Review

So what has 2008 bought on the poker front.

From a profit point a view a decent start, the books close at +£1500 for January, below my monthly target but a healthy start nonetheless.
The profits have mainly come from my dabbles on the cash tables which has suprised me.
My tournament play has produced a profit but nothing too significant.

No wins - very dissapointing
Final Tables - 18, surpassing by a long way my expectations. The $4.5k was as expected the best tournament for me, with 6 final tables. Although my best finishing position was 2nd in the £2.5k HH.

The $4.5k made me in excess of £500 for the month and a 106% return on investment
% cashes for the month was 25.98% and final tables was 13.39%.

I finished in 54th position in the tournament leaderboard, which qualifies me for the all important $25k tournament next Saturday.

Poccer is moving forwards nicely and Poccer 4 should be a fantastic tournament.
The online poccer tournaments are about to start in the next week, but its not too late to get involved.

All the best


Anonymous said...

the poccer HU and tourny challenges sound like a great idea, who do u fancy to take each of these down?

Game101 said...

hey, clint

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lets do a link exchange