Saturday, February 23, 2008

In need of a break!

Apologies once again for lack of posts, I have had a very busy month with work, sorting out Poccer 4 and playing poker amongst other things!

Poccer 4 is sold out, which is great news and I am making the final preparations with that. This will be our biggest tournament todate.

I have also entered myself in the Genting Stanley National Poker Championships starting March 28th and will be there along with the winner of Poccer 4 and the winner of the Poccer online series on Littlewoods, so it suddenly feels like it is taking off.

Pokerwise I have made a bit of profit, but below target at just over £1k. However the big aim has been to win an EPT seat for San Remo from the tournament leaderboard. With just 7 days to go, I am in a great position to win this, which would give me a €5k seat, as well as €5k cash, which would most definitely sort out my profit target for February.

Further updates to follow.

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