Friday, August 10, 2007

Playing at last!

How nice to be playing again!

I managed four games last night, which was more than I expected to be able to play but I am not complaining.

First up was the $77 CPC qualifier. I have done very well in these so far, I have previously played in 4 and won 3 of them. 35 runners last night and top 4 made it. Solid poker is the way forward in this type of the event and after getting into 2nd place with 7 left, it was just a matter of playing tight, aggressive poker, putting the short stacks under pressure. I continued my good record to make it through to Sundays $530 final.

Next was the GC 7 qualifier, I wanted to add this to numbers 4,6,8 that I previously qualified for. I made the final table, but was quite short stacked with 7 left and 3 seats available.

I get into a pot cheaply with 34, the board brings 52x and I think this is as good time as any to go for the check raise. I get called by 99, which was a lot better than I expected and missed the help needed.

I played the £6k and finished just outside the money, I managed to get my way up to 7k. Holding JJ, I thought I played the hand really well, eventually getting someone to put all their chips in with K9 and a flush draw with one card to come. He had 11 outs on the river (I held one of the hearts) and hit, to knock me out 4 from the money and robbing me of a chance to move into the top 12.

I also played the $4.5k, for some reason people kept giving me their chips to start with and I had 6k and was leading after the first level.
I stayed in the top ten for most of the tournament.
With 25 left, the button raises me, I have KK in small blind, push all in and get called by TT, a ten hits on the turn.
Shortly after I have JJ and reraise all in to be called by AJ, an ace comes on the river.

I am happy enough with that for a nights work, a seat in Sunday’s final and a couple of unlucky hands which stopped me benefiting financially.

The other subject I want to touch on today is how people react to things that happen during poker.
Someone posted on my blog last night, asking what my views are on the fact that the Eyesight brothers abuse people on line and that abuse can get very strong and yet they claim to be good friends of mine.

I have a few things to say on this subject, which may or may not be controversial depending on your point of view.
Firstly, poker in my opinion is a game of skill, with a greater or lesser degree of luck thrown in dependent on your timeframe and how you approach and play the game.
Some people are prone to more bad luck than others. The tighter the player you are, the more likely it is that when you lose a hand, you lose to a weaker hand.

How you respond to misfortune is a great indicator of how successful you will be in whatever it is you do.

No one enjoys losing with AA to JJ preflop, but it happens and it happens 1 time in 5. However, when it does happen, you don’t instantly turn around and say well that ok, I am due one, you feel gutted and cheated. For those people who think they are the best around, then these hands are almost impossible to take.
I have gone through substantial losing periods with all the big hands and yet if I take a long term perspective of it, the percentages play themselves out whatever you think actually happens.

I do not see the point of abusing people who get lucky against you, what are you trying to make happen, does it affect the way they play, very unlikely. It is more likely to affect you. Poker is a game played in the mind, try playing a game without looking at your cards, that will show you how it’s a mind game.

I have met both the Eyesight brothers, who have been kind enough to play in both my Poccer events.
I had long chats with both of them and they are genuine, decent guys. However when they hit the poker tables they are subject to change!
For a lot of poker players, poker is everything, it’s their livelihood, their bread and butter. What goes with that is a level of confidence and to a degree arrogance. In order to be successful, confidence is a pre-requisite. How you manage that confidence will determine how you appear in the eyes of the all those watching.

I have met some lovely people in the world of poker and I have met some complete tossers! All of these people have confidence in their ability, but how they handle themselves, their levels of arrogance and whether they believe their own hype makes the difference.

I know I can play poker, I know that I am a decent player and am confident when I play. I have been fortunate in that I have qualified for a number of big events and have enjoyed my time in those. I know though, that there are thousands of better players than me in the world. What I do know is how to play to my strengths and make the most of what skills I have and also to take the rough with the smooth.

When I look at Tom, the younger eyesight brother, you can see a decent poker player, with hopefully the potential to do better, who has also won a fair amount online. Not massive compared to some the big names, but credit where it’s due he has done well.

I can’t agree with the verbal assaults he or anyone else gives out when they lose, nor will I try to justify them. At my recent Poccer tournament, he was the only player not be clapped when he went out. What does that mean, if it helps build his image or character as a player, then maybe positive can be taken from it, but let’s be honest, we are not world famous players and you are more likely to open doors with a positive attitude than a negative one. I am not professing to try to be liked by everyone as that is impossible and most unlikely unprofitable! I do suggest though, that everyone has the right to sit down at a poker table and how they play is up to them. All you have to do is work them out and then how to take their chips!

I have met many other young poker players who believe that they are the next big thing, they are cocky, arrogant and so self assured, they honestly believe they are the best poker player in the world. This is not attractive to poker companies, the media or followers of the game, who see so many of these types of people.

Instead of typing expletives down the screen, work out what happened and why. If you genuinely could not have played it better, then that’s just unlucky and it was not to be. If you can learn from victory or defeat, then you are going to be in a much better position for the future.

Now who’s for a friendly game of Poker!
Take Care


Eyesight Jimmy said...

I dont think ive ever seen anyone sum it up so well in my entire life! well done sir.

I would like to hope that at a live game I dont come across as arrogant? I dont say anything at the tables for a start lol. But as for Tom, i think you have summed him up perfectly, he is genuinly a lovely guy and yes he has a short fuse, but no-one really knows the shit he has had to endure in his short life and poker, to a certain extent, has been his way out and forward.
As much as it is embarrasing to watch him getting angry, I think there are far too many people that provoke and egg him on (especially on-line) this is the one thing that gets me angry too, although i accept the fact that it is a useful weapon in the fight to take his chips.

Mainly tho, I am regretful to have been tarnished with the same brush, i suppose sharing an account for so long hasnt helped, I am thinking about trying to calm him down, send the Eyesight accounts into hiding and open new ones with a different image.

Wildcat said...

Good comments, and well done on your recent results!

Anonymous said...

Eyesight brothers ...i hope they both burn in a grease fire, i have come across both on crypto and the word SCUM comes to mind!

Anonymous said...

Clinton you have summed it up very well. At live games people act differently as they know if they acted the same online they would be in big trouble. As for one saying his brother has been through a lot that is not the problem of other people. I can imagine somebody showing their dad or grandad a poker tournament online winning against some rude obnoxious punk who then types 'die you mother fucking cunt'. There is no room for this in poker. Keep up the good work Clint and try to keep your distance from the bad eggs who will only tarnish your clean name with their filth.